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To Tech, Or Not To Tech?

Businesses are battlegrounds. Employees, profits, business partners, HR – a balancing act a trapeze artist couldn’t handle.

But what if there were a way to make it all manageable?

This rendition of the Lacher blog is all about leveraging technology in the workplace, and examining the risks and rewards of doing so.

Is It Gossip or Your Reputation?

A leading phone carrier wouldn’t manufacture exploding phones…

Just like a car company wouldn’t produce cars that don’t stop...

Or a credit agency would never hand-out the names, birthdays, & social security numbers of 143 million Americans …

Except, if you’re Samsung, Toyota, or Equifax – you would. And when you do, your company will lose its most valuable asset – its reputation.

Top 5 Emerging Risks in 2018

Resolutions exploded when the ball dropped this New Year, but ours remained the same – an absolute commitment to make things simple for our clients. To achieve this, the Lacher team sat down at the annual New Year, New Risks meeting to identify the top 5 emerging risks in 2018.

We’ve highlighted the risks here, and we’re going to roll out more info on each risk as the first quarter progresses.

Check these out:

What benefits do your employees really want?

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) recently released their 2017 Employee Benefits Survey, a review of the most impactful benefits trends over the past five years. In a world where employees shape the benefits landscape, these insights are key strategies for remaining competitive in a challenging talent marketplace.

Can I pay Workers' Comp Claims Out Of Pocket?

Business owners are always looking for ways to reduce their insurance costs. Sometimes, a business owner will pay a work comp claim out of pocket to prevent their premium from increasing, but doing so could backfire in unforeseen ways.