We simplify benefits and risk management.




Organizations with the best talent are winning. We believe that awakening and inspiring the talent you already have can give you a serious advantage.
How We Deliver Employee Benefits

We deliver employee benefits that your people love and understand. We strip away all the acronyms and industry-speak and focus on straightforward education that optimizes your healthcare spend. 



Most insurance people love to talk about the downside - the things that can go wrong if you don’t buy insurance from them. It’s a relentless beatdown of optimism that is even further convoluted with "industry speak" that you don't understand. 

How We Simplify Insurance
At Lacher we help you see what’s possible. Yes, we will protect your assets and people, but it’s uncovering the unexpected that brings new possibilities to life.


Even the best strategies fall flat if they aren't well-understood by everyone in your organization. Too often, simple ideas get clouded in unnecessary complexity - causing a failure in execution.

How We Get Results

We've found that distilling awesome ideas into understandable and actionable strategies is often the missing link. We make this simplification our focus so that you see the results you're hoping for.


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