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Cybercrime - What You Need to Know

With cybercrime, criminals have leveled up. Even the FBI knows this. Within three years, cybercrime will have cost the world more than $6 trillion.

Sure, certain cybercrimes net hackers millions of dollars in one swoop, but 70% of all cyber-attacks are targeting small businesses, and 1/3 of small business owners have no form of 

So let’s understand what’s out there.cyber-security in place. Average attacks on small businesses cost owners nearly $40,000 outright – and that doesn’t factor in time needed to resume normal operations and any lost clients.

To Tech, Or Not To Tech?

Businesses are battlegrounds. Employees, profits, business partners, HR – a balancing act a trapeze artist couldn’t handle.

But what if there were a way to make it all manageable?

This rendition of the Lacher blog is all about leveraging technology in the workplace, and examining the risks and rewards of doing so.

Is It Gossip or Your Reputation?

A leading phone carrier wouldn’t manufacture exploding phones…

Just like a car company wouldn’t produce cars that don’t stop...

Or a credit agency would never hand-out the names, birthdays, & social security numbers of 143 million Americans …

Except, if you’re Samsung, Toyota, or Equifax – you would. And when you do, your company will lose its most valuable asset – its reputation.