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To Tech, Or Not To Tech?

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Businesses are battlegrounds. Employees, profits, business partners, HR – a balancing act a trapeze artist couldn’t handle.

But what if there were a way to make it all manageable?

This rendition of the Lacher blog is all about leveraging technology in the workplace, and examining the risks and rewards of doing so.

What are the rewards?
Simply - Better Employees and a Better Workplace. Here’s how:

  • Increased individual performance. Gone are the days of cramped hands and busty manila folders. Employees are now working more efficiently than ever. A Steelcase survey polled more than 12,000 workers in 17 countries and found that devices at work have increased productivity across the board. Of those surveyed, 87% said they were dependent on mobile devices to effectively do their job.
  • Positive Work Approach. Did you know that technology can even shape how employees approach their work? Employees who feel that their workplace uses updated technologies are more creative, satisfied, and productive in the office.
  • Improved communication. Miscommunication or non-communication can cost companies with around 400 employees over $400,000 a year! Team messengers, video conferencing apps, and shared files are great ways to keep your employees in-touch and informed.


  • Off-site connectivity. The physical office-space is being deconstructed. We’re taking bats to filing cabinets and uploading everything online. And as a result, our workforce is going mobile! Over 43% of Americans report that they work remotely, and if you’re worried that employees out of the office will disengage – don’t be. Studies show that employees who spend up to 80% of their time out of the office are as engaged as employees who spend most of their time in-office.
  • Brand Building. Every business has their own unique story – and it’s crucial for those stories to be shared! Social Media sharing platforms are the most effective way to build a brand and convey your company’s character. A clear brand increases client engagement and retention, but it also does something magical to employees. When employees understand their company brand/mission they are 5 times more likely to outperform their peers!
  • Lower operating costs. Modern technologies have evolved the way business owners can outfit their offices. Some offices, like The Edge in Amsterdam (considered to be the greenest and smartest office in the world), are revolutionizing the employee experience while cutting costs. Quite literally, the office caters to employees. But you don’t have to go all in like The Edge. Sensors that turn lights on & off, automatic air control devices, and eco-friendly technologies are effective ways to start.

What are the risks?
Your business might get hacked. That’s a big deal.

  • iStock_000023068924LargeExposure to Hackers. Paper files are dead. Data is now stored via tech, which means it’s more at risk than ever. 70% of cyber-attacks target small businesses, and 1/3 of small businesses don’t have cyber security in place. This issue is so serious that we’re dedicating our entire next post to it.
  • Justified spending? Data suggests that U.S. overall labor productivity has only grown 1-2% per year since the start of the tech boom. We’ve invested trillions in implementing new tech, which provokes the question - is the spending really worth it?
  • Distracted employees. The internet. 8 hours in an office. You know what can happen. 47% of workers report that the biggest issue in meetings is that their coworkers are distracted.
  • Unexpected consequences. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected consequences that impact an organization. This fitness tracker revealed the secret locations of U.S. Army bases.

So…to Tech or Not to Tech? We say Tech! It’s hard to argue against a better workplace and more efficient employees. Exposure to hacking is the largest risk a company will face as they continue to go digital, but as we’ll cover next post – there are ways to prevent and protect hacking exposures.