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My company will be reopening soon, post-COVID. What things should I be thinking about?

We have created some tools to help you think through how your business needs to change and adapt to safely and successfully engage customers in a post COVID-19 environment. You can use these tools as a starting point to create a plan of action that fits your business and your customers. Include here are the following tools:

Return to Work Action Plans:

    Sample Return to Work Action Plan for Offices
    Sample Return to Work Action Plan for Commercial and Industrial Businesses
    Return to Work: A Guide for Employers

COVID-19 Re-Entry Guides:

    COVID-19 Re-Entry Success Strategy (Excel download)
    COVID-19 Guide for Commercial and Industrial Jobsites
    COVID-19 Guide for Residential Service Providers
    COVID-19 Guide for Manufacturers
    COVID-19 Guide for Office/Retail Operations

As always, our team is here to help you work through these tools and build the right strategy for your business. Please contact your advisor or client executive to continue the conversation.

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