Billionaire Mavericks owner Mark Cuban opens online pharmacy offering prescription drugs

Billionaire and Mavericks owners Mark Cuban has opened up an online pharmacy offering prescription drugs at cheaper prices. Their strategy behind offering lower prices to consumers is to “bypass middlemen and outrageous markups,” according to a press release by the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company.

In its press release, the company pointed out medications on its site that offer significant savings. For example, Imatinib, a drug used to treat leukemia has a retail price of $9,657 per month and a price of $120 per month with a voucher, whereas MCCPDC offers it for $47 per month, according to the press release.

Other drugs with savings include Mesalamine, an ulcerative colitis treatment, and Colchicine, a gout treatment, according to MCCPDC.

The company’s goal is to bring transparency to the drug pricing market and show consumers the wholesale price behind a drug.

More specifically, MCCPDC eliminates the fee paid to pharmacists, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers that negotiate contracts with different stakeholders in the healthcare arena. […]

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