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More Than Insurance

From the first day we opened our doors as Lacher, we knew this was more than insurance. This was a community of team members, family members and neighbors committed to making it easy to have peace of mind. That wasn’t just about paperwork and premiums, it was about watching each other’s backs. Proactively looking for problems, extra due diligence when the diligence was due. This is a people business, one that is changing daily to stay committed to always providing the best clarity so all of our people can focus on what matters most in life.

We work hard for what you work hard for

Awards & Recognitions

If you know us we don’t often brag about our own achievements, but we love celebrating the accolades that are a testament to the people who make us great.

Best Places to Work in Insurance - 2019

Best Places to Work in Insurance - 2016

Best Places to Work in PA - 2012

Best Places to Work in PA - 2010


Our community extends beyond our offices and our neighborhoods. With so many amazing partners we are privileged to understand how they also are seeing life more clearly.

Principles that affect every interaction
Principles that affect every interaction


At Lacher our mission is lived out daily through our actions and most importantly through our people. We stand behind eight principles that inform our decisions:


You will build interpersonal muscle.
You will be humble, hungry, and people smart.


You will experience deep care and community.
You will experience challenge and empowerment.
You will experience clear and consistent communication.


You will take risks and innovate.
You will grow and improve.
You will simplify and crush complexity.

Learn why joining our family could be a great step for you and yours.

Lacher Careers


The Lacher way is spreading quickly. Headquartered in Souderton, we are more committed than ever to understand the community we serve.

    Summer Hours

    We will be closing at 3:00 pm on Fridays from June 7th through September 6th. However, we are still available by phone, text, or email during those times. 

    Office Closed

    Our office will be closed today, June 19th, from 8 am – 1 pm for a company event.

    We look forward to serving you when the event concludes. Thank you!

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