How Much Should I Insure My Home For?

You’ve joined the adventure of home ownership. Stand back and take in what you’ve accomplished. You’ve got a place to call home, to raise a family, to build a business, to hang your hat.  

A home is also walls, a roof, windows, doors, and floors that have a particular value. Here are the basic rules of thumb to answer the question, “how much should I insure my home for?” 

  1. First, your goal should be to made whole again – in other words, have as much money in your pocket as when you started.    
  2. Second, the coverage on your home should be equal to what it would cost to rebuild the house – including labor and materials. To be clear, this amount is often different from what your home would sell for or be appraised for by an appraiser.   

Those are the basics but give us a call and we will help you make sure you are covering your home for the right amount. 

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