My Neighbor’s Tree Looks Dead. What Happens If It Falls On My Property?

We’ve all been there. You’re sipping your morning coffee, peering out the window at the dried out, bent over, swaying-in-the-wind tree in your neighbor’s yard. Maybe it reaches over your fence or your shed or even your house, and you’re wondering – “what happens when that falls on my property?”  

First and foremost, your home policy will respond to any damage done by the fallen tree – with your existing deductible applying to that event. 

But what else can you do? We recommend communicating your concerns to your neighbor in writing, and send us a copy before any limbs fall or the whole tree comes down. That might seem very formal, but it is best to have this in writing in case the tree limb does fall and there is a question as to who is responsible.

Give us a call to discuss your concerns and your particular circumstances, and we can advise you how best to handle this tricky situation.  

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