Water Damage – What’s Covered?

What type of insurance covers water damage?

It can be confusing to understand which types of insurance may cover specific types of water damage to your property. On this page, we will outline the three main types: Homeowners insurance, a Water backup endorsement, and Flood insurance.

Homeowners Insurance – Examples of damage usually covered by Homeowners insurance:

  • Leaking roof – Unless not well maintained
  • Burst pipe
  • Overflowing bathtub

Water Backup Endorsement

  • Water that rises up from backed-up sewer
  • Water that rises up from backed-up toilet and bath
  • Water that rises up from backed-up sinks and sump pump

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Flood Insurance

  • Water that moves over the ground 
  • Water that causes structural damage
  • Mudslide damage carried in by stream or river 

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