More Hammock Time

More Hammock Time.

Don’t have a hammock? Try a bench, a chair, or heck, just sit right down on the ground and take in the view. 
At Lacher, we help you spend more time on what makes life great. Connect with us to see how we could help you have more hammock time.

Our Story.

From the first day we opened our doors as Lacher, we knew this was more than insurance. This was a community of team members, family members and neighbors committed to making it easy to have peace of mind. That wasn’t just about paperwork and premiums, it was about watching each other’s backs. 

Proactively looking for problems, extra due diligence when the diligence was due. This is a people business, one that is changing daily to stay committed to always providing the best clarity so all of our people can focus on what matters most in life.

What We Do.


Whether on the road, the water, or the snow, let’s keep you safe and covered.


It’s yours. Let’s keep it that way. Here’s how we can help protect your property.


Let’s face it; stuff happens. Let’s help keep you protected from the unexpected.

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