Why is Mark Cuban selling me drugs?

Why is Mark Cuban selling me drugs?

by Mark Lacher

“From order comes progress. From chaos comes innovation.” — Simon Sinek


Businessman, entrepreneur, owner of the Dallas Mavericks … Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)? Wait what?


Why is Mark Cuban getting into the prescription drug / healthcare space? Short answer: businessman + multi trillion-dollar industry = opportunity. Is it a good thing? Short answer: yeah, mostly. 


Here’s the reason we are (mostly) cheering Cubans’ entrance into the PBM market:


His PBM is disclosing how it makes money. 


Yep, in healthcare transparency is a BIG win. Could he go further? No doubt. Are others doing more to disrupt the cost of drugs. You bet they are. But they don’t own an NBA basketball team and a giant megaphone. 


So, here’s to Mark Cuban causing a little more chaos – so that innovation can follow.

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