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Your Office is Closed and I’m Buying a Car. What Do I Do?

So, you’re buying a car – congrats on the new wheels!  

First things first, if you need to get this done today and our office is closed, that’s OK, you have options.  

  1. Your auto policy will extend similar coverage from your current vehicle – with some limitations. If you go this route, call us the next business day to review. 
  2. You can call the insurance carrier directly.  
  3. You can report your new car purchase through Lacher OnDemand. If you choose this option, you should also call us the next business day to review. 

Last but not least, always contact us and let us know about your new car purchase – even if the car dealer says they will take care of notifying us. We want to make sure everything is buttoned up and you have what you need to enjoy that new car smell. 

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