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When it comes to business and people and the people business it really comes down to the process. How you do what you do and could it be done better. We think so. Actually we know so, and that’s exactly what we want to show you.

Brand & Innovation

Chances are that you do business in a crowded marketplace, where competition for customers and talent is fierce. A strong brand, that communicates your unique value proposition to the marketplace is no longer just a “nice-to-have” – it’s a business imperative.

What’s an insurance firm doing in the brand business? Well, that’s how important we think a strong brand is to your business. And, don’t worry, when we do brands, we bring in the heavyweights. We partner with Heavy Content Studios, a full service marketing and creative firm. We pride ourselves in understanding business – and so do they.

Here are some of our thought leaders:

  • Todd Lacher

    Director, Healthcare & Benefits/Partner

  • Aaron Bishop

    Team Leader, Communications & Experience

  • Greg Ash
    Greg Ash

    President, Heavy Content Studios

Sales & Client Experience

Successful businesses are good at two basic things: getting new customers and keeping them. We help businesses deliver consistently remarkable experiences for their customers – so that they are differentiated themselves from the first sales call to the 100th strategy meeting.

We train sales teams across all industries in the basic skills it takes to build relationships, assess opportunities, and close new business.

We work with customer service teams to define customer experience standards and to implement the systems and practices that create consistently remarkable experiences for their clients.

Here are some of our thought leaders:

  • Maura Derstein

    Practice Leader, Lacher Business Consulting


    Summer Hours

    We will be closing at 3:00 pm on Fridays from June 7th through September 6th. However, we are still available by phone, text, or email during those times. 

    Office Closed

    Our office will be closed today, June 19th, from 8 am – 1 pm for a company event.

    We look forward to serving you when the event concludes. Thank you!

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