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We’ve been managing and mitigating risk for more than 60 years. Business has changed but the approach is still the same - stay focused, get the right people in the right lane, and execute.

Risk Management

Risk management is complex – full of insurance companies, captives, MODS, loss runs and ratios – and all of the other jargon. Put simply, we help employers cut through the noise and simplify how they take risk and how they do business.

We know that off-the-shelf doesn’t work, so we build risk management programs that are responsive to our client’s business strategy. Workers compensation, captive programs, safety…

Here are some of our thought leaders:

  • Chad Lacher

    Chief Executive Officer & Partner

  • John Derstine

    Advisor, Commercial Insurance

  • Laura Chapman

    Advisor & Risk Manager

Healthcare & Benefits

The U.S. healthcare system is a dynamic landscape – full of insurance companies, health systems, TPAs, PBMs, and all of the other acronyms. Put simply, we help employers engage this ecosystem from the ground up, to make it work for them – and not the other way around.

There is unprecedented opportunity for employers to take more control and ownership over their healthcare and benefits strategy, and we are working with them to lead this movement. Whether it is changing how they fund their benefits or creating a primary care strategy for their people – we roll up our sleeves and do the heavy lifting. We do the insurance, financing, education, advocacy, compliance, and analytics – and keep our clients focused on their people and their business.

We know that insurance is a commodity – a good partner for your business is not. That’s why we are not a volume shop. We look first and foremost for good value alignment with the businesses we serve. That’s how good partnerships start.

Here are some of our thought leaders:

  • Mark Lacher

    Chief Revenue Officer & Partner

  • Dave Cardie

    Advisor, Healthcare & Benefits

  • Sam Wonderling

    Advisor, Healthcare & Benefits


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